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You may want to establish an online presence without spending a fortune, but do you want your multimedia to miss the mark because the voice over sounded cheap and cheesy?

After all the work you put into writing and making your video, you deserve more than an announcer reciting words off a page and boring your audience. You need someone to really communicate.

Instead of an ‘OK’ video that sounds like all the others, aim to stand out.

VoicePro offers you Andy Maher’s 16 years of top-level voice over and audio production expertise – together in a cost-effective package designed to give your message more impact.

Want to sound better than your competitors?

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What we can help you with

  • Sales & Promotional Videos that sound great on YouTube, Vimeo and others
  • WH&S Induction Presentations with a credible voice you can relate to
  • Special Events / Awards Ceremonies recorded to perfection, played back on the big night
  • Corporate Narration that you can direct via Skype if you need to
  • TV & Radio Commercials produced to Free TV Australia & Commercial Radio Australia standards


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